This work is founded upon excessive sentimentality and female anxiety. Using passé floral motifs which are simultaneously saccharine and neurotic, the images ultimately reveal a caricatured and aggressive femininity by way of an investigation of Romantic tropes. Why does a genre--created for women, by women--remain so oppressive to women? Instead of a cinematic close-up kissing scene, the viewer is pushed away from the subject by partitions and stage sets. Although these figurative paintings depict conventional romantic poses, they remain dark, elusive, and at times, absurd.

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Grooming Scene with Godhead Shakespeare in a Burning Theatre Amateurs Romeo and Juliet Love in the Mourning Pairings Not "Haha" Funny Nice Nice Still Life A Sirkian Cloud My Mother, My Mother Dear John, A Leisurely, Playful Expression Untitled (James Dean) Quirky Female Protagonist